Revival logo pic
Developer(s) IllFonic LLC
Director(s) Kedhrin Gonzalez
Designer(s) Adam Maxwell
Christpher Holtorf
Platform(s) PC
Release date(s) TBD
Genre(s) MMORPG

"Revival is the rebirth of the player-driven, sandbox, fantasy role-playing world. Player agency, world persistence, and absolutely zero compromises are the cornerstones of our quest for a living, persistent, dark fantasy role-playing world"

Revival is currently under developement by IllFonic, LLC based in Denver, CO. They describe Revival as an interactive persistent experience. "What we are creating in Revival is much more than a game. It is, in fact, more like an ongoing drama where each and every player has an opportunity to enjoy a starring role. Revival is our effort to revive the promise of the virtual world, and bring back a truly open-world sandbox role-playing experience."

Their plan is to reveal the game in several sections, starting with Housing. This will not be a sub based game but instead uses a system that allows players to purchase or earn points in game, showing their investment into the ever-evolving world. The developers have chosen to fund the project themselves rather than use Kickstarter or other options. Because of this, the game has taken much longer to develop but they feel this keeps them true to their vision. Early game purchases are encouraged however.

Game Design Theory

Revival’s game design is guided by the following principles and values:

  • World First - Nothing goes into Revival that can detract from the experience of being the game world of Theleston
  • Everything Changes - There is no such thing as static content in Revival. What happened today will never happen the same way again; that day is done and a new one is coming.
  • Legacy and History Matter - The world changes based on the actions of the players, generating new myths and legends for the world as time passes.
  • Time does not equal success - While Revival does have an in depth RPG system, this is not a game bound to stats. A new player who is good at the combat game will succeed over a player who has been playing for years but is terrible at combat.
  • Combat is just one activity - Combat is simply one aspect of a much larger game. A cunning merchant or an ingenious artisan can succeed without ever lifting a blade or drawing a bow.
  • Roleplay > Roll Play - Revival is a game where your characters are meant to reflect the choices you make along the way, instead of a game where you choose what sort of character you are at the beginning. This means no classes and natural skill development over rigid classes and fixed progression paths.